"Stop struggling, you have fallen into my game."
"The only way to escape...
is to grow the strongest rice-hime and fight your way out!"

Rumour has it that any wish will be fulfilled
in a peaceful small town named "Tungkang"
However, you must first become the winner
of a meticulously designed game of brutal nature.
Each girl is here in pursue of their own dreams,
an adventure filled with hardships and challenges
is about to begin!


Sakura and the Airyvixen is an anime-inspired rougelite with cute girls and strategy to spare! Cultivate an adorable team of fighters, then lead them through challenging gauntlets to ultimate victory!"


Build your own team

Every characters come with different abilities and stats, piece together a unique team of your choice with up to 22 girls!

Dice-based combat

The combat system revolves around dice-rolling. With each your rolls, you gain action points and could even trigger special effects! You can defeat even the toughest foes when fortune favours you!"

Randomized stage

Pick between event, elite and monsters! A map is randomized every round and you have to plan your moves carefully to reach the destination. More characters and stories will unlock as you progress through the stages.



Gameplay 3v3 Roguelike strategy game
Platform PC(Steam® ) / Windows®
Max player 1
Developer Simon Creative Co.®
STORIA Game Studio®