About Us

  • Let nijigen-girls speak for Taiwan

    Founded in 2014, Simon Creative Co. is a company focused on character design, marketing and intellectual property management based in Taiwan. Our original/collab projects include: "Air Girls", "Sergestid Shrimp in Tungkang" and most famously "Let's GO!! K.R.T Girls", for the K.R.T. Lead the trend of "anime-marketing" here in Taiwan.

  • Video games full of Taiwanese elements

    Simon Creative launched the first PC game - "Dong-Jin Rice-hime" in 2016, Rice-himes are the spirits of rice in the form of girls, and the player will be nurturing their ricefield with these spirits.
    In 2018, "Food Girls" was launched, turning famous Taiwanese cuisines like bubble tea, fried chicken fillet, minced pork rice, xiaolongbao and mango ice into anime characters. The game combined elements from Bishōjo and simulation games and was a successful hit.

  • Taiwan, Moe to the world!

    In 2019, K.R.T Girls began a collaboration with the world-renowned virutal idol Hatsune-Miku, receiving overwhelming response.
    In 2020, Simon Creative teamed up with Pupuya Games for the development of "Little Witch Nobeta". The game landed successful in Taiwan as well as in Japan and the western market. Simon Creative is committed to create original content here in Taiwan with the concept: "turn all things into moe" in mind, always ready to bring the girls to the international stage.