Little Witch Nobeta

Just reach the throne, and then……
maybe I can learn where I am from.

To unveil the secret of her past, Nobeta the little witch arrived at the castle alone.
After her encounter with the mysterious black cat,
she battled her way through powerful crafted souls and studied powerful magics and abilities.
What secret awaits her in the depth of the castle?


"Little Witch Nobeta" is a 3D action shooter game. The game was developed independently by Pupuya Games in the early stage, and Simon thought that the title has potential after seeing the gameplay and the cute figure of the heroine, then joined the development team from 2019 and helped build the game’s script writing, art and sound design, merchandises and community management.

The game released STEAM (Early Access) during 2020 and sold over 50000 copies in the first week. Afterwards, the team collaborated with Vtuber company Hololive from Japan and commisioned their voice talents to voice the game’s characters. The game has sold over 350000 copies since September 2022 and is well received in Japan as well as other oversea regions.



Birthday 1st of June
Sign Gemini
Blood type A
Height 137 cm
Weight 37 kg
Like Her hat
Hate Her bad memory (she tends to forget things)

The little witch has come to the castle after all. Nobeta understand that she must enter the castle and reach the throne despite the crafted souls and challenges ahead of her. It’s the only way to find out the truth and the answer to her past.

Character Design 汐王寺 / LM
CV 小原好美


Birthday ×
Sign ×
Blood type ×
Height 162 cm
Weight 45 kg
Like Ribbons
Hate Flame

Once a lady of noble born before her decease. Her father – the former hero, was accused as heretic due to questioning The Church’s legitimacy. Before long, her family was raided, and the house burnt down. While on the escape, Tania covered her burnt wound with her favorite ribbon, until she fell at the hand of The Church. The Church declared that her family was banished while in fact, they became subject for experiment of The Church’s soul essence study.

Character Design matomato
CV 尾丸ポルカ


Birthday ×
Sign ×
Blood type ×
Height 138 cm
Weight 33 kg
Like Dolls
Hate Human

Once a demi-human prior to decease. As a demi-human who knew human only by their exquisite crafts, Monica always longed to learn human society and culture until her tribe was destroyed by the human, after The Church deemed them heretic. Though she survived the assault, she became a “merchandise” and endured great cruelty for years before The Church bought her as soul essence material.

Character Design 神奈弥沙
CV 白上フブキ


Birthday ×
Sign ×
Blood type ×
Height 169 cm
Weight 51 kg
Like Being needed (by someone)
Hate Heretics, all the demi-humans

A human hero before her decease. Vanessa was orphaned at a very young age when her parents were slaughtered by de-human. For her who had nothing left to lose, Vanessa zealously sought her purpose in others, thus she became a hero of The Church after passing the "trial".
During her hay day, she was a glorious hero who led a legion that defeated countless demi-human. When The Church replaced heroes with more powerful crafted soul doll, Vanessa once again lost her “purpose” and was never reported to be seen after since…

Character Design HAONI
CV 白銀ノエル

Little Black Cat

Birthday ×
Sign ×
Blood type ×
Height 155 cm
Weight 42 kg
Like Nobeta
Hate Playing nanny

She speaks viciously, a servant of the great witch Nobeta, she’s very loyal to her master.
She’s bestia that can fully transform into beast form. Her tribe was destroyed by the Church during her youth and she was saved by Nobeta at her dying moment, since then she was determined to revenge.
Guides the little witch in her adventure in the castle.

Character Design LM
CV 小原好美



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