Food Girls

You don’t have a girl friend?
That’s fine, you can have the food!

In the legend, all things that have existed long enough will develop a soul and become a spirit or deity.
Local cuisines like bubble tea, chicken fillet and pork rice are part of your daily life in Taiwan, and now they have become spirits and are waiting for you in the Street Market!


"Food Girls" is a project started in 2018 by Simon Creative, in Food Girls all the traditional cuisines of Taiwan are turned into adorable food spirits, there are a total of 12 food girls by now. All the girls are designed based on the original cuisine. A project to promote the wonder of Taiwanese cunsines.

The series includes the original game and sequel, the player plays the role of the marketing consultant to help food spirit run the Street Market. The games are available on STEAM(PC) as well as Nintendo Switch, many renowned voice actresses from japan were invited to voice the characters and successfully brought the series to japan and overseas market.



Birthday 18th of January
Sign Capricorn
Blood type O
Height 137 cm
Weight Those who know are already buried deep underground
Like Aurora, Black tea; Sweet food
Hate Busty girls (except Aurora)

Bubble Tea spirit.
Although she looks unapproachable (just like a high-calorie drink), she’s actually a caring friend and also a tsundere.
Bubbles is good friends with Aurora and formed the “High-Calorie Duo” with her under the advice of Consultant.

Character Design 初夏
CV 七瀨彩夏


Birthday 22nd of November
Sign Sagittarius
Blood type B
Height 167 cm
Weight A Girl’s Secret
Like Video games; Cute girls (Especially Bubbles)
Hate Cold temperaturesk; People who waste food

Chicken Fillet (Taiwanese Fried Chicken Cutlet) spirit.
Aurora is a good companion for university students eating their midnight snacks and a video game fanatic who never leaves her headphones behind. She is known as “Popular Taiwanese Snack Queen” and is the other half of the “High-Calorie Duo”.

Character Design 迷子燒
CV 深川芹亞


Birthday 22nd of January
Sign Aquarius
Blood type O
Height 145 cm
Weight 37 kg
Like Playing the idiot; Lazing around; Video games
Hate Seriousness; Looking for trouble

Pork Rice spirit.
She was known as the "good kid" of the Street Market until people started to boycott her. Realizing that people don’t care about the quality of the food but only the price, she lost faith in humanity and started living her life as a shut-in, indulging herself in the world of video game.

Character Design 水佾
CV 水瀨祈


Birthday 24th of June
Sign Cancer
Blood type A
Height 144 cm
Weight 40 kg
Like Standard Operating Procedures; Challenging rivals
Hate Rule breakers

Steamed Dumplings spirit.
She is serious, methodical, and almost obssesive. After going to Taiwan, she met her rival Pork Rice (Lulu) who was equally serious. Ever since Lulu became dispirited, she continued to challenge her as an excuse to care for Lulu.

Character Design 水佾
CV 野中藍


Birthday 21st of October
Sign Libra
Blood type AB
Height 152 cm
Weight Secret
Like Shaved Ice; Sweet food
Hate Bad customers; Summer

Mango Shaved Ice spirit.
Rumour has it the frozen treats shop was there before the Street Market. Despite her youthful appearance her actual age is unknown. She rarely leaves the shop during summer (or she will melt). Coco dislike summer while it is the peak season for the treats shop.

Character Design 兔姬
CV 佐藤聰美


Birthday 17th of May
Sign Aries
Blood type O
Height 142 cm
Weight 38 kg
Like Ching, Ching, and Ching.
Hate Problem customers

Braised Beef Noodles spirit, the elder twin, loves her sister madly.
The twin’s beef noodles are well-known and popular. Hong is outgoing and leads the operation in the diner. Hong never backs out when there’s a customer looking for trouble, and she always fights for what she thinks is right.

Character Design @ichigo
CV 門脇舞以


Birthday 17th of May
Sign Aries
Blood type A
Height 142 cm
Weight 38 kg
Like Hong; Designing; Cleaning stuff
Hate A mess; Cockroaches; Rat

Braised Beef Noodles spirit, the younger twin, loves her sister madly.
Ching likes Hong more than Hong likes her, she has a desire to prove herself to Hong. She is shy and introverted. She handles all the miscellaneous tasks in the diner, including maintenance of environment, tableware, and menu design.

Character Design @ichigo
CV 名塚佳織


Birthday 4th of March
Sign Pisces who people tend to misunderstand
Blood type AB
Height 156 cm
Weight 46 kg
Like Those who can truly understand what is on her mind.
Hate Outrageous rumor or photos taken without her consent.

Oyster Omelet spirit.
The legendary spirit in the Street Market, Keke, is said to be able to fry batter crispier than Aurora’s, and help Lulu who was about to go bankrupt turn her business around. Keke herself denies all the above-mentioned.

Character Design へるんぐ

Fu Tzu

Birthday 21st of March
Sign Aries
Blood type B
Height 147 cm
Weight 42 kg
Like Bathe in marinade made of veggies.
Hate Chemical additives, such as sulphur sulfide

Fried Stinky Tofu spirit.
No chemical additive is added. The delicious secret to Fu Tzu’s stinky tofu is her "homemade" vegetables marinade. She becomes enraged whenever people say things like "you should take a bath". Play video game with Lulu occasionally.

Character Design 緋華

Papu Ice

Birthday 2nd of May
Sign Taurus
Blood type ???
Height 150 cm
Weight 38 kg
Like Customers who pay up without trying to haggle for a discount
Hate Famous imported ice cream

Local Taiwanese Ice Cream spirit.
A culculative spirit who sells ice cream on a bicycle with secret items hidden in her ice bucket(?). The most popular flavors are taro, peanut, strawberry, or passionfruit, but there are plenty of other flavors spread across Taiwan.

Character Design へるんぐ


Birthday 22nd of March
Sign The confident Aries
Blood type O
Height 155 cm
Weight 46 kg
Like Fu Tzu (her reletive, an S to M complex)
Hate Coco (her rival), Consultant (Useless guy)

Douhua spirit.
Calm and confident, a competent spirit, do not easily listen to people’s advice. Appears to be quiet and cute but is actually sadistic. Share the same origin with Fu Tzu, holds an one-sided affection toward the masochist Fu Tsu. Dislikes Coco who’s her senior as dessert spirit.

Character Design へるんぐ

Sue & Mia

Birthday 6th of June
Sign Gemini
Blood type A
Height 143 cm
Weight 35 kg
Like Customer with good appetite
Hate Low-calorie diet

Shuangbaotai (a type of fried dessert) spirit.
Runs the fried food stall, would passionately greet all their customers, the twin-tail Mia handles the dough and the pony tail Sue does the frying. Rumour says if you visit the stall at closing hour, sometimes they’ll "treat" you special discount.

Character Design 毛玉丸


  • Adventure game with personified Taiwanese cuisine

    Food Girls

    2018 / Storia, SimonCreative

  • Adventure game with personified Taiwanese cuisine

    Food Girls:Civil War

    2019 / Storia, SimonCreative

  • Strategy game (Tabletop)

    Food Girls: Street Market Commotion

    2019 / SimonCreative

  • VR game

    Food Girls – Bubbles’ Drink Stand

    2020 / TorchEntertainment, SimonCreative


  • 食用系少女~不快點吃的話會融化唷

    2019 / Light novel / Tong Li Publ.

  • 食用系少女~進擊的滷肉飯保衛戰!

    2019 / Light novel / Tong Li Publ.

  • 食用系少女~超高卡路里少女激萌出道!

    2019 / Light novel / Tong Li Publ.

  • 食用系少女~樂團少女Project火熱開催!

    2019 / Light novel / Tong Li Publ.

  • 食用系少女~小圓的純天然珍奶限量發售!

    2020 / Light novel / Tong Li Publ.

  • 食用系少女~白白軟軟的不只豆花和雙胞胎★

    2024 / Light novel / Tong Li Publ.

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