Simon Creative’s new game “Sakura and the Airyvixen” STEAM page opened! Cultivate the strongest Rice-hime team with Sakura, Magi, and Air!


A rougelite full of strategy, cultivation, and cute girls!
Sakura and the Airyvixen is an anime-inspirated rougelite with cute girls and strategy to spare! Cultivate an adorable team of fighters, then lead them through challenging gauntlets to ultimate victory!

■ A Mysterious Plot

Craziness erupts in a small, peaceful town, forcing everyone into a battle royale! Adventure together with a party of cuties and get to the bottom of all this chaos.


■ Strategic Dice Battles

Roll the dice on your character’s turn to rack up action points, then spend those points on special moves and abilities! You’ll have to use your points wisely if you want to take down every new enemy in your path.

■ Dozens of Different Character Types

Customize and cultivate a team of unique fighters, matching their strengths against enemy weaknesses in tense 3v3 battles!


The STEAM page for “Sakura and the Airyvixen” are now open, with an expected release in Q2 2024. Stay tuned! Simon Creative’s new official website is also live, integrating content from various Simon Creative projects. Feel free to check out the latest information about “Sakura and the Airyvixen” on Simon Creative official website!

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