Sakura And The Airyvixen – Demo is open for a limited time!

《Sakura And The Airyvixen》A Turn-based Roguelite filled with bishoujo. Demo is open for a limited time, navigate through challenges with strategies and the power of dice! Demo is released for a limited time of 2 weeks.
The demo includes 3 stages with 7 playable characters.

Strategic Dice Battles

The game’s combat revolves around dice rolling. Each turn your gain action points by rolling your dice, and you’re able to attack until you use up your action points. There are also abilities that do bonus damage or rain debuffs on your enemies if you roll the right number. It’s essential for you to form a game plan on top of relying on sheer luck.

Roguelite Design

You will get to pick a companion to join your team everytime you clear a stage, which will affect your playstyle. Every failed challenge on the other hand turns your temporary abilities into permanent ones to give you an edge for your next adventure!

This is the first time we developed a game of this genre, it’s been a real challenge to us and we have spent a lot of time on adjusting the game due to design issue. We may not provide a comparable experience to those renowned titles but we hope to deliver a different kind of fun to you. 🙂

If you have any advice feel free to leave comments in the forum, not that we promise to address every issue(you know, for adult reasons), but we will make sure to read through all of your comments!

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