Combining Roguelite gameplay with pixel art! Strategy game “Sakura and the Airyvixen” PV released!! The game is scheduled to release on STEAM on June 24th!

Simon Creative girls are back!! STORIA, known for producing well-received games such as “KRT Girls IS,” “Dong-Jin Rice-hime” and “Food Girls,” has once again partnered with Simon Creative to release the turn-based Roguelite game “Sakura and the Airyvixen.” The game is scheduled to release on STEAM on the 24th of this month (June 24th)!

Today (June 15th), the latest PV for the game was released! The promotional video not only introduces the gameplay but also showcases new character designs for the three main characters: Sergestid shrimp “Sakura,” “Magi,” and Air girl “Air.” Additionally, it features an exciting animation scene of Rice-Hime battling Shrimpexia! Since the trial version was released in April, the game has received valuable feedback from players, and the development team has made some interface adjustments to provide a better gaming experience.


■ Roguelite and “dice rolling” gameplay test both the luck and planning skills of cultivators!

The core gameplay involves using dice rolls to determine the action points for each turn. Different moves require different points, and some moves can deal additional damage or inflict status effects on enemies if specific points are rolled. Therefore, the player’s luck and how well they utilize their action points will influence the path to victory!

Moreover, the game features Roguelite design, generating a different map for each run. Careful planning of the route is necessary to reach the final destination.

■ Various Rice-Hime to cultivate! Maybe you’ll encounter unexpected characters…?

As cultivators progress through the stages, they can choose a Rice-Hime to join their team, with over twenty different Rice-Hime to unlock! Each Rice-Hime has unique skills, and building your team and enhancing their abilities will be crucial to winning.

In the game, you can encounter different characters as you advance through the stages and interact with these girls. Perhaps you’ll meet unexpected but familiar friends…!?

■ Prologue manga updates!

The team has also prepared a cute prologue four-panel comic for “Sakura and the Airyvixen”! Through these comics, players can better understand the main story and gameplay of the game.
A total of 8 four-panel comics will be gradually released on the “初夏的東港之櫻” FB fan page. Follow to stay updated.

“Sakura and the Airyvixen” will officially launch on STEAM on June 24th!
Whether you love beautiful girl characters or challenging strategy games, you’ll surely find enjoyment in “Sakura and the Airyvixen”! Add the game to your wishlist now – more game information can be found on the STEAM page.


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