The new game “Sakura and the Airyvixen” by Simon Creative x STORIA is released today! Join Sakura to collect Gaia and fulfill your wishes!

Simon Creative and STORIA have once again teamed up to release their latest game “Sakura and the Airyvixen” today (24th) on the Steam platform.

“Sakura and the Airyvixen” is a light Roguelite Japanese-style beautiful girl strategy game. The protagonists of this work are sergestid shrimp “Sakura,” “Magi,” and Air girl “Air.” The three fall into another world due to the scheming of Shrimpexia. To realize their wishes, they must cultivate Rice-Hime as their combat force and fight enemies to obtain the necessary “Gaia.” Players must understand the characteristics of the Rice-Hime, build teams, and face various crises, using strategy to lead them to victory!

The game inherits the 2D Japanese art style that Simon Creative and STORIA are known for, as seen in “Food Girls” and “Dong-Jin Rice-hime,” and challenges pixel art for the first time. Players can cultivate 22 different Rice-Hime, each with unique combat dynamics, ready to adventure with them!

The core gameplay of “Sakura and the Airyvixen” features a unique “dice” mechanism. Dice rolls determine the action points for each turn, and different moves consume different values, testing the luck of the cultivators (players) and their ability to effectively use their points. The game is paired with light Roguelite design, requiring players to carefully plan their routes and make choices among options like battling, skill upgrading, and HP recovery to successfully achieve their ultimate goals. Additionally, characters from “KRT Girls” and “Food Girls” will make guest appearances, allowing interactions with them in “Sakura and the Airyvixen”!

“Sakura and the Airyvixen” is officially launched on the Steam platform today, supporting Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, and Japanese languages. To celebrate the launch, there is a 10% discount during the first week.

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